Alice Thomas-Roberts

St. George
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Alice Thomas-Roberts has been a trainer and facilitator for over 2 decades. She facilitates seminars, workshops and personal coaching sessions on Protocol, Etiquette, Customer and Guest Services, Business Etiquette, Life Skills, and Professionalism in the Work Place.

Alice's career spans several years with the Government of Grenada as Senior Foreign Service Officer and Chief of Protocol; with the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association as its Executive Director; at the Houses of Parliament, as Clerk of Parliament; and she has also been a teacher at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

She is also the author of two published books in the series Protocol & Etiquette for Caribbean People: Etiquette in Communication, and Basic Diplomacy and VIP Courtesies. She is also the Editor of Soaring Above Limitations, an anthology of poems written by Bryan Roberts.

Her valued principle is to give of her best in whatever she is involved.



Alice facilitates workshops and seminars on subjects such as Protocol, all aspects of Etiquette, (including Business and Professional Etiquette, and Dining Etiquette), Communication and Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills and Customer Service. Workshops on General Etiquette and Good Manners for children and teens are also hosted. She also offers private coaching sessions to individuals who would like assistance and or motivation with their personal and professional development to increase their confidence in their respective positions.
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Protocol Consultancy

Alice provides advice and assistance to individuals and organisations preparing to host ceremonies and other events which would include VIPs. Advice would include discussion of appropriate courtesies to be offered to guests, preparation of invitations and programmes, training or briefing of ushers and other workers at the event, and may also include assistance at the actual event. Alice’s consultancy also includes advice on preparing Staff Handbooks and on Managing Staff Issues.
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