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About Service Lane

Service Lane is an online web-directory platform that connects independent Grenadian contractors to people in need of their services. The directory helps search, filter, connect, preview & contact local service professionals.

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Service Lane allows you to connect with thousands of persons who need your skills but are not yet aware of your service. It’s time to make a game changing move! Sign up

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Get contacted directly by people within your immediate locale who are in need of your services. Turn your time, resource and skills into meaningful service and profit.


Extend the reach of your services as far as you can. Serve your parish and beyond. Keep your clients happy and expand your business as you grow.


For those ready to deliver their expert services to the entire nation, you can start right here. We will be with you along the way, as you grow your reach through Grenada and beyond.

Excellence in service

Service Lane has a strong commitment to quality. With industry leading technology and excellent customer service, we put great effort into serving our people well. Our satisfaction comes from helping both the service providers and users, enjoy the greatest experience.

Our mission

The mission of Service Lane is to connect a community of skilled and trusted service providers with Grenadian individuals and corporations. We want to help you make progress easier, faster & more efficient.