10 Tips on Hiring the Best Providers on Service Lane

Service Lane is an online business directory that connects independent Grenadian contractors to people in need of their services. The platform helps search, filter, preview & contact local service professionals. With a plethora of choices, here are some of the things to look out for when hiring.

Tip1 – Complete Profile Please
Check for complete profiles. By this we mean, they have a clear photo, a nice short bio with their names and details about their experience, specialties, skills, training, notable work experiences or recommendations. Also check for their contact options, the more options they have the better. Additionally, check portfolio photos.

Tip 2 – Realistic Service Packages
Look at their service packages. Consider these questions; what value is the contractor adding and are the rates reasonable for the service offered?

Tip 3 – Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
Many contractors can argue that this is subjective and that’s partly true but people are generally honest and do not wish to post a bad review for a contractor. However, use your sound judgement when you scroll through the reviews. As contractors become more established, they would have built a reputation over time for one very important thing: Service excellence. Look for that.

Tip 4 – How Flexible are they?
As you start to communicate take note of the provider’s responsiveness. A terrible lag in response or flexibility might be an indication of an unreliable candidate.

Tip 5 – Do They Have Experience?
After reading through the bio, feel free to question the provider about specific details about their experience and expertise, do no be afraid to ask.

Tip 6 – Set a Deadline
Be very specific about when you require your project to be completed. Make that very clear from the start, preferably in writing.

Tip 7 – If in Doubt, Call
If you still don’t feel comfortable about hiring based on the provided info, or if you want a more personal connection with your provider, feel free to do a face-to-face call with them via Skype, Facetime of whichever other calling method you prefer.

Tip 8 – Communication Skills
Is the contractor able to communicate effectively with you? Remember, the bio could have been written by a friend or professional! This is not about speaking English, it is more about being able to communicate the expectations from each other with regards to pricing, inclusions and delivery. If the contractor is unable to do so with clarity, there could be gaps in miscommunication which could lead to problems further down the track.

Tip 9 – Pay at the End
It is advisable to pay at the end when the project is completed. Have the project executed, examined and then pay. Exceptions might exist for specialized services whose nature might require multiple payments, take necessary precautions in such cases and have agreements documented and signed by both parties.

Tip 10 – Test Two or Three Contractors if They All Have Matching Skills
If you are having difficulty in selecting a provider and perhaps have an ongoing need for work such as blog writing, you could hire a few contractors and award them small portions of the work and then pick the best based on the quality of their results.