How to Create an Outstanding Profile on Service Lane

Creating an outstanding profile to represent you or your business is extremely crucial for your success at Service Lane. Your presentation is your brand and it matters a lot, so you want to ensure that you maximize your profile. An incomplete profile, poorly written copy or blurry photos are definite turn-offs to potential clients and can do more harm than good. Below, we share with you five secrets to help create an outstanding profile.

Secret 1 – A Good Photo Speaks Volumes
We cannot stress enough the importance of a clear headshot photo with a nice smile and close-up. Be as professional as possible with your photo. Avoid images where you are far out in the background. Also, make sure you are dressed well and that your background is neutral and not busy. The attention should be on you. Our recommendation is to use a professional photographer for the best results. It is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Secret 2 – Short Sharp Bio
You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. Your content should be clear and brief. Include your name, experience, area of specialty, training and a short description of notable work experiences and/or recommendations. Also, list any special certifications in your area of specialization. You can add a sentence about what you do in your free time to add a human touch but remember to keep it brief.

Secret 3 – Service Packages
Service packages are the way you bundle or organize your solutions. These are very important. People find it easier to buy when the solution is clearly organized and has a clear price tag. So we advise that you provide at the least 3 options, with at least one option being more flexible than the others. Give each bundle a good name, a short description and a price tag per hour, per day or per week. By listing your services this way, customers are able to easily choose what’s most applicable to their needs and can instantly know what they expect to pay.

Secret 4 – Include a Portfolio
Photos talk louder than text, so take it up a notch by including photos of your services. A maximum of 5 photos is allowed. Upload 5 of your best photos. Take the most advantage of the portfolio photos by uploading best of the best. For the ideal results have a professional photographer take good photos of you at work.

Secret 5 – Be Available and Visible
A beautiful profile has to be accompanied with great responsiveness. Service Lane customers need to be able to hear from you at the soonest possible time. Make sure to provide details for all the available contact options: Phone number, WhatsApp number, Email, Website address, Facebook link. These allows you to build credibility fast and win more business.