How to get great reviews on Service Lane

Good experiences are often shared. Bad experiences are shared twice as much. As a service provider it’s important to manage what people say about you and your service. Great reviews can lead to increased sales and referrals for your business so here are three ways you can help create a customer experience that always gets you great reviews.

  1. Plan your customer experience

Getting good reviews does not happen by chance. It takes careful thought about how you interact with your client as you work together. In this era of global competition, you must move beyond just being courteous and focus on creating an excellent experience for your client.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression so be deliberate about how you will start engaging with clients and how you will build on this communication. Share your ideas with your team. Know your plan and most importantly live it!

  1. Provide exceptional service

This goes without saying but the most important part of getting great reviews is doing great work. From the moment you get hired to the point your task is complete, everything you do must be aimed at meeting, and where possible, exceeding client expectations.

This starts with understanding the scope of work involved. Speak openly with your client about this. Be absolutely clear about what you are excepted to do, how long you will need to do it, how much it will cost and what the end result will look like.

Once work begins, keep in contact with your clients. Update them on the progress of the work. If you’re on or ahead of schedule, let them know and if you’re running behind schedule, notify them…early.

  1. Ask

Finally, if you want a review, ask for it. There’s nothing wrong in asking for reviews. In fact, it should be a part of your strategy. Timing is important here. Maya Angelou says “People will forget what you say but not how you made them feel.” So, ask for a review when you are certain that a client is feeling good about your service. This is usually when they experience success with your service or are particularly excited about the outcome of one of your deliverables.

Culturally, we in the Caribbean, don’t often leave reviews so bottom line, if you want great reviews, create a excellent experience, deliver exceptional service then ask for it.