Need more money? 5 ways to make extra money in Grenada

No one can argue the importance of money. With a bit more money you could do so many  things; like further your education, buy or improve your home, help the ones you love or take a vacation to that country or city you’ve always thought about. Let’s face it, money is important. While it isn’t the most important thing in life, it does give you the freedom to do the more important things and we could all use a little more money right?

Here are 5 creative ways you can start earning a bit more revenue towards your important things.

1 – Odd jobs

There are lots of inconvenient tasks that people would pay to get done, if they could.The idea of waiting in long lines is sometimes downright painful. It’s even worse when there’s lots to do and deadlines closing in. I recently met someone who gets paid to take notes at meetings. Yes. In Grenada. So how do you do it?

  1. Compile a list of the odd jobs/services you can do. Decide on a reasonable fee then list your services on a site like Service Lane so that people can always find you when they need to. 


2 – Virtual Assistant

If you’re good at organizing and administrative work then the role of virtual assistant might be a good fit for you. Most sole traders and start ups are desperate for an extra hand to take care of administrative duties while they focus on creating or selling their product/service. The cost of hiring a full time employee just isn’t possible. That’s where you come in. How?

  1. Find out what kind of help these people need and what you can provide . Group your services into affordably priced packages. Finally, market yourself! 


3 – Rent your stuff

Anything can be rented! For a reasonable cost, many people are willing to rent and reuse items especially for events because buying and/or importing to Grenada can cost an arm or both legs! If you’ve already bought an item, you can consider renting it out to other persons like yourself. Equipment like a projectors, laptops, cameras, or even the decorations you bought for that special event and never used again, you can rent anything!  How?

  1. Find all the “rentable” things you have (include your friends for more items). Determine your rental fee for each item or group of items then promote! Make it easy for people to find you & the items you have.


4 – Use Skype to tutor

Remember that one subject that seemed to just come naturally to you while everyone else seemed to struggle? *cough* Math *cough. Well, If you’re adept in any specific field or you have racked up loads of experience in particular area then you can consider passing on your knowledge to those willing to learn. There are tons of tools that will allow you to do this from the comfort of your home, Skype is only one.

  1. Organize what you’re going to teach. A syllabus will help. Download Skype or another platform you’re comfortable with. Lastly, determine your tutor fee and begin advertising your services. If you’ve tutored before, have these persons leave a review on your Service Lane profile to help inspire confidence in your work.


5 – List your skill on Service Lane

Service Lane is designed to allow skilled Grenadians to promote their work/business. If you have technical, administrative or organizational skills or you provide a service that others would want, Service Lane is a good place to start promoting.

More than just listing a name and number, Service Lane allows you to build and maintain a web presence, portfolio of your work and raving reviews from your fans. Whether you’re a accountant, handyman, technician or consultant, if you want to monetize your skill, you should check out Service Lane.